Esonix BETA Released!

The whole numeric team is really pleased and proud to release our on-line aircraft decompression software ESonix-BETA! You can check it here:


The first on-line Aircraft rapid decompression simulator

As far as we know, ESonix is the first on-line Aircraft very-rapid decompression software. Allowing complex aircraft layouts calculations (dual-decks welcome!), it features beyond many other functionalities:

  • Multi Load-Case
  • Closed and opened doors automatic layouting
  • Imperial and SI units
  • Decompression model idealization written as a simple Excel spreadsheet
  • Standard Atmosphere included for semi-automatic load-cases calculations
  • Extensively tested against common references, high-school publications and CFD analysis

Many other features are proposed. Check the website!

Rich post-processing features

Post processing ESonix Aircraft decompression analysis is as easy as downloading Excel spreadsheets to get \(\Delta_P\) envelops.

However, we strongly believe that it’s time now for companies to get advanced knowledge over their decompression analysis, in order to improve their project’s layout, or solve decompression issues.

Consequently, we added some post processing tools like dynamic plotting which allows you to plot any data you like against time.


Extensive documentation and resources center

We know that aircraft decompression is kind of “black box” for many engineers. We made a strong effort to provide useful documentation and resources within our resources center.

Some tutorials are also available in the tutorials section.

Also, do not hesitate to contact us for any question or support request.

Free accounts for trainings (or more)

You can register for free on the application, and train yourself with the proposed tutorials, or running your own layouts. You can check the limitations of free accounts here.

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