Esonix V3 version Comming soon!

After almost one year and half of researches and active developments, the numeric team is happy to announce the imminent release of ESonix V3!

Among miscellaneous new functionalities, we are proud to highlight:

Software changelog

ESonix Simulations capabilities

  • Batch capacities to run parametrized decompression analysis.
  • Tweaks parameters for a fine grain control of your aicraft rapid decompression model.
  • Adaptive calculations (automatic time step and sampling)
  • New job queue for enhanced robustness and a better user feedback
  • Translating panels now features stiffness
  • Better and faster log files handling
  • Timeout added as a convergence criteria (cf timeout as convergence criteria.)
  • Negative pressure coefficient allowed. This may be use full for antenna radome decompression analysis.
  • Decompression item closing once already open is now logged as an event.

Many (small) changes in the graphical interface were also added.

New physics models

We also enriched our physics model to extend ESonix analysis capabilities:

  • New forced constant mass flow connection (simulating a pump): mdot parameter.
  • A connection can now have a dynamical discharge coefficient set independently from the thermodynamical engine cddyn parameter.
  • Volumes can now take into account the heat mixing from upstream volumes thanks to the heatmix parameter.

Most of the additions in the physics capabilities enhance correlation with Boeing decompression models.

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