Esonix V2 version Released!

After almost one year of researches and active developments, the numeric team is happy to announce the release of ESonix V2!

ESonix: Online explosive decompression Calculator

Among miscellaneous new functionalities, we are proud to highlight:

  • ESonix Sensitivity analysis: let you compare “side by side” two or more set of results to get a fast overview and a complete analysis of the differences between two or more runs.
  • Dynamical behaviour for hinged and translating opening panels.
  • Unified Models to check with a single model several combinations, such as cargo empty or full.
  • New thermodynamical engines featuring compressible discharge coefficients.
  • Friendly post-processing for merged compartments load cases.
  • Improved User Documentation (ESonix 2.3 User Guide)
  • Dynamical layout allowing to map any value at any time to better understands the whole Aircraft decompression behaviour.
  • Some new great tools in the toolbox.
  • and much more…

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