Esonix V2 version Comming soon!

After almost one year of researches and active developments, the numeric team is happy to announce the imminent release of ESonix V2!

Among miscellaneous new functionalities, we are proud to highlight:

  • ESonix Sensitivity analysis: let you compare “side by side” two or more set of results to get a fast overview and a complete analysis of the differences between two or more runs.
  • Dynamical behaviour for hinged and translating opening panels.
  • Unified Models to check with a single model several combinations, such as cargo empty or full.
  • New thermodynamical engines featuring compressible discharge coefficients.
  • Friendly post-processing for merged compartments load cases.
  • Improved User Documentation (ESonix 2.3 User Guide)
  • Dynamical layout allowing to map any value at any time to better understands the whole Aircraft decompression behaviour.
  • Some new great tools in the toolbox.
  • and much more…

ESonix logo

You can download our new fact sheet from here: ESonixV2 facts sheet

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