Rapid Decompression Trainings

Based on its solid experience in Aircraft rapid and explosive decompression, numeric-GmbH now proposes a full set of corporate training.

During those trainings, aircrafts rapid and explosive decompression theory and practice are addressed in a real industrial context, either in VIP or commercial airline context.

Basic and Advanced three days training

A full-package three days training including Basic and Advanced training. This “Batteries included” training will make you up to date with Aircraft Rapid Decompression theory, mathematics, but will also introduce a real-life industrial approach and its application using the ESonix software.

An ESonix one month full options licence is delivered with this training.

À la carte” trainings

You can compose your own training session (one day minimum) from the following chapters:

We can also prepare some specific topics on demand.


Decompression training are usually provided in Basel area however it is also possible to perform it at your facility.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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