Primary Structure

Fuselage and floor structure modification

With engineers coming from major OEM stress departments (Airbus and Embraer), the numeric team is able to address complex modification of primary structure in compliance with aeronautical certification authorities.

During the past 4 years, we have been mainly involved in floor structure modifications to fulfil the requirements of highly customised VIP aircraft cabin.

floor beams

floor beams

16G Seat installation

The numeric team has been involved in several projects of 16g VIP seat installation in large aircraft like Boeing 777, Airbus 319CJ and Boeing 747-8.

In order to pass certification we successfully achieved a test prediction of a modified floor structure for a 16g seat installation with detailed non-linear Finite Element analysis within a 5% margin.

floor beams

Cargo item installation

We have been involved in many VIP aircraft outfitting projects, including cargo item installation (additional water tanks, electronic cargo racks) leading to primary structure modification / reinforcement.

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